Get Local Support!

Instead of emailing Microsoft or Google, why not call us and talk to someone you know?

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What is Local?

To Innovative Concepts, local is a broad term. Check out its Client Gallery at and see where its clients are. Innovative Concepts has clients throughout the United States and beyond. It keeps its customers because it does its job efficiently and cost effectively.


Easy to use Configuration Panel

Most users do not realize that there is a very powerful configuration panel with most cloud services. Let Innovative Concepts show you how to do things yourself. Of course, technicians are always handy if you don't want to.


Why Pay for Something that is Free?

Ask an Innovative Concepts representative why using a free cloud service can actually cost you more money. For only a few dollars per month, the free account adheres to a totally different set of guidelines and legal notices. Innovative Concepts can explain and help you make the right choice for you and your business.


Available When You Need Help

Innovative Concepts only supports businesses. As a result, they understand how time is money. Get responses faster and, more importantly, get on to doing what you need to do... Focusing on your own customers.